donderdag 16 april 2015

new releases soon

It's been almost a year since the last release and four albums have been pending for the same amount of time. Therefore, the chance of disconnection between artists and songs is extremely enhanced. And that is exactly what we strive for, isn't it?

dinsdag 13 mei 2014

[LEMN021] - Moret-sur-Loing - I Should Try Something Else

I saw the album Garden Of The Gods Wilderness - Man's Hat At All Times and this gave me some idea.

To make the songs, I opened some mp3 songs I had on my pc with notepad, cut some part of the text and pasted what I cut, just one time, but on another part of the text. So the "text" had the same stuff on it, just in a little different order.

If you try to do that, you will see that just by opening some mp3 file with notepad and saving it without changing a bit, you will not be able to open it on many media players.

To be able to open this file I burned those mp3s files with nero (nero was able to open it and burn it) into a cd as a music cd and then got the songs from cd with windows media player.

But there was a problem with last song, the song didnt changed much, the the original song I used was a copyrighted song, I continued to cut some part of the mp3 text and paste (only once) on another part of the test. I did that and the song continued to be very similar (a little glitched version of original), angry with it, I selected a long part of the text and added it to a website that randomize text strings and then I pasted this randomized string back into the text (pasted just one), this made the song turn into a 3 seconds song.

The song names I got from a rpg pdf I have on my pc called fatal:

1- Their visual range is 100% in light equal to full-moon, 75% in starlight wthout moonlight or during twilight, 25 in darknessand is 0% (fully blinded) during daylight
2- For more information, see the References section at the end of this book
3- This statistic concerning fertility has been referenced from Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 99.

maandag 10 maart 2014

[LEMN020] - Lycoris - Never Practice 2 Vices at Once

Hello My Egoless Friend,
At one point in our non-existing relationship you may have called me Emsa (household products) but I am not longer myself, just Lycoris remains.

I know the mechanism of adopting a new name isn't always that easy. Legal & mental.
So it's great to see you back!
Could you tell me a bit more about the creative process and stuff?

Yes of course, I had forgotten, but there is not much to say

The music was create by writing synthesizer software where all the parameters are controlled by random number generators.  In this way "I" only influenced the music second hand.  Several different all original soft synths were used.

Thanks, every info is relevant :)
the book was Infinite Music I suppose?

I was, wow, how did you know?

google :)

zondag 26 januari 2014

[LEMN019] - Siege of Nöteborg (1702) - Is Essential To My Freedom


The name of the album:
Is essential to my freedom

The Artist name:
 Siege of Nöteborg (1702)

Song names are:
1- Here's what to do if you really want to end up in prison.
2- I was five years old.
3- If you would like to contact me, please do so throught my blog.
4- And invariably the high-calibre individuals under the spotlight shrug
5- But the gloves came off later that afternoon when one of us went into the
6-"Don't tell me we're about to haggle over one bull now."

To get those song names I searched give me some album name on google books and got the book My Best Friends Are White: Subversive Thoughts from an..

How I made those songs:

There are many different songs that were created following in a similar way that I used to create those songs but my songs here, are made on a different way.
Each song of my album was made on a little different way from each other.

To create the first song I:
1-Recorded the audio from computer (not mic) while the computer was (suposedly) not playing sounds
2-Recorded again while it was playing the last recording.
3-Recorded again while it was playing the all the last recordings.
4-Continue to record new recordings while playing ALL other recordings
4.1-I did it until I the result of the last recording was a clipped audio.
5-Exported all those recording (merged) as one song.

To create the second song I:
1-I did again everything I did on the first song but removed the clipped sound before exporting them to a song.

To create the third song I:
1-This is like song 1 but the only recording that is playing when I am recording something is the last recording and not all previous recordings.
2-I stopped when some recording clipped.
3-Exported only the last clipped recording.

To create the fourth song I:
1-This is like the third song, but instead of saving only the last clipped sound, i saved the previous recording (last non clipped one).

To create the fifth song I:
1-Created some sound
2-Recorded the pc while it was playing
3-Recorded again while the original sound and last recording was playing.
4-Continue to record again,each time recording only the pc, the original sound and last recording.
5-Continued until last sound was a clipped one.
6-Exported the last recording and original sound merged togheter.

To create song six:
1-created some sound
2-did everything I did on song 5 but exported original song and last non clipped sound.

dinsdag 13 augustus 2013

[LEMN018] - Therma Ikarias - And Throw It Away


I made the rolls and got the artist name Therma Ikarias and the album name And throw it away.
I got 6 songs and to get the song names I got the album name and searched it on google books
I got the book The Evangelical Parallel New Testament New King James Version, New.. on some page and continued from there

the song names are
1- Lit Your
2- Quotation from genesis 2.24
3-Lit in the regeneration
4-One coin was average pay for one day's work
5-Other mss add and be baptized whith the baptism that I am baptized with
6-Poised and ready, mounted

The technic I used to make the album was that
When you rename some non audio song as mp3, sometimes you can open it on audacity.

Before we continue I will explain something, this is not the usuall open raw data from audacity, I am actually as some example, renaming a file called USUALFILE.EXE to USUALFILE.MP3 and trying to open it on audacity. it doenst need to be exe files, it can be any non music file.

I tried to make a album based on those results I got.
But while making the album I saw there are some problems with that
Sometimes audacity crash while trying to open it
Sometimes audacity auto closes (without crash message) while trying to open the file
Sometimes audacity will start to open the file but stop after some time, and the time to finish it start to increase.
Another big problem is the fact that most of the time the files produce very small songs, you can open a 100mb file to have a song with less than 1 second.

Based on those tests, I decided to make the album this way.
1-Rename some non music file as .mp3 and opened on audacity, if it had more than 30 seconds it was on the album, if not the song was not on the album.
2-Saved this song as mp3 (see later for one problem)
3-Opened doing the same I did on 1 and 2 again.

The song order on album was the order I found the 30+ seconds songs

Another problem is that sometimes when you open a file as mp3, the samplerate of the audio is a samplerate that mp3 doenst support, as I was exporting to mp3 later this would maybe be a problem, but I was lucky and none of my files got this problem.

Also song 6 is a special song, I was making this album not on my main pc and was not able to find a 6th song to my album. I got rared all my songs and uploaded on a file hosting site to open on my main pc and work with it later. On my main pc I tried to rename this rar to mp3 and open it, and it worked and produced a 30+ seconds song, somehow the result is some sort of megamix like song of 1-5 songs, strange

woensdag 24 juli 2013

[LEMN017] - Garden Of The Gods Wilderness - Man's Hat At All Times


This is the album: Man's hat at all times. from the artist: Garden of the Gods Wilderness

Song 1: Note v. 11. latter part.
Song 2: So.
Song 3: Christian or the new convert that hast just formed an aquintance with the Saviour.
Song 4: Will.

I searched the album and artist name on google book and got the book The Comprehensive Commentary on the Holy Bible: Containing the ... - Volume 3 on a specific page, I continued from there to get the song names.

The album was made like this:

There is a website called buttonbeats, this website has many virtual instruments like virtual piano, virtual drums, virtual xylophone....
You play those instruments by using the keyboard.
Some of the virtual instruments allow you to save what you type on a text field while you are typing and allow the virtual instrument to play this "text" later, allowing you even to change how fast the website will play the "song text".

To create the songs of this album, I got some random song on the comments field of the website and used some text randomizer to randomize the text and them said to website to play it while I recorded it using some sound editor.
First song is a acoustic guitar one, second one is a piano one, third one is a electric guitar one, fourth one is a drum one (drums didnt had a comment field, so I randomized the default song).

vrijdag 12 juli 2013

[LEMN016] - Snow Fence - To Contradict Other Philosophers


This album is a album by Snow Fence, the album name is: To Contradict Other Philosophers

This album has 2 songs
I got the song names by searching the word random on google books and got the words from the book random graphs, second edition

First song is: Tree of Given Sizes as Components
Second song is: It is hoped that this updated and expanded volume will provide a concise but thorough introduction to the theory of random graphs as it stands at the outset of the twenty-first century

PS: Be carefull with second song name, file names with too much charaters can have some problems on windows.

To make the song I gone to this website and joined a room that had people,
started to record it and play with others, improvising (and without being able to talk with them)
when the song had 10 minutes I stopped to play and waited for the website fade out the song.
He does that and kick you out of the room if you dont play for some seconds.
I did the same thing with the second song.