maandag 30 april 2012

[LEMN006] - Zacheus Chukwukaelo Obi - We Become Silent About Things That Matter


Artist: Zacheus Chukwukaelo Obi
Album: We Become Silent About Things That Matter

1. Sounds come back to thee
2. Within the grave
3. Purple in the chaliced vase
4. The fever and the spasm of the universe convulse
5. Creature, shuffling in its fitful strife
6. Your silence does not speak texts search term: silence
result: Hageman, S. Miller (Samuel Miller), 1848-1905; Silence (1877)

DAW of choice: Renoise 2.8

1 skeleton was used for all 6 tracks:
- bpm 32, lpb 1
- 1 pattern of lenght 200
- 1 pattern to fade out
- 1 note playing D-2
- 1 native distortion fx, razor 100%
- 1 vsti of choice, randomized
- 1 vst fx of choice, randomized
* song 1 Karnage & The Reductionist
* song 2 Kruud & Noisesoft
* song 3 Phazuid v4 & KKWarmDist
* song 4 Sun Ra & Waterverb
* song 5 Harsh Digital Nose & Black Box
* song 6 Cosmogirl2 & Frohmage

Instead of focusing on details and overdoing in layering sound,
this experiment thaught me to make interesting hn/hnw with minimal effort.

zondag 22 april 2012

[LEMN005] - Chertsey Cricket Club - Possession Of Inestimable Value


stuff used: random samples, synplant, sytrus and nexus on fl studio 9.
Book was some book by Ilkka Remes, don't remember which one since I have quite a lot of them. Also it was originally in finnish so I translated them into english, that's why the titles might sound grammarly wrong.

zondag 8 april 2012

[LEMN004] - The Birth Of Venus - Repulsive Matters At Table


Every track is made with my synth and low-budget recording equipment.
I made the whole album with my eyes shut
(as one of the track title's suggests, I had the idea after getting the random names).

Titles coming from the book "Tales from the top of the hill"

Enjoy the noise!