dinsdag 13 augustus 2013

[LEMN018] - Therma Ikarias - And Throw It Away


I made the rolls and got the artist name Therma Ikarias and the album name And throw it away.
I got 6 songs and to get the song names I got the album name and searched it on google books
I got the book The Evangelical Parallel New Testament New King James Version, New.. on some page and continued from there

the song names are
1- Lit Your
2- Quotation from genesis 2.24
3-Lit in the regeneration
4-One coin was average pay for one day's work
5-Other mss add and be baptized whith the baptism that I am baptized with
6-Poised and ready, mounted

The technic I used to make the album was that
When you rename some non audio song as mp3, sometimes you can open it on audacity.

Before we continue I will explain something, this is not the usuall open raw data from audacity, I am actually as some example, renaming a file called USUALFILE.EXE to USUALFILE.MP3 and trying to open it on audacity. it doenst need to be exe files, it can be any non music file.

I tried to make a album based on those results I got.
But while making the album I saw there are some problems with that
Sometimes audacity crash while trying to open it
Sometimes audacity auto closes (without crash message) while trying to open the file
Sometimes audacity will start to open the file but stop after some time, and the time to finish it start to increase.
Another big problem is the fact that most of the time the files produce very small songs, you can open a 100mb file to have a song with less than 1 second.

Based on those tests, I decided to make the album this way.
1-Rename some non music file as .mp3 and opened on audacity, if it had more than 30 seconds it was on the album, if not the song was not on the album.
2-Saved this song as mp3 (see later for one problem)
3-Opened doing the same I did on 1 and 2 again.

The song order on album was the order I found the 30+ seconds songs

Another problem is that sometimes when you open a file as mp3, the samplerate of the audio is a samplerate that mp3 doenst support, as I was exporting to mp3 later this would maybe be a problem, but I was lucky and none of my files got this problem.

Also song 6 is a special song, I was making this album not on my main pc and was not able to find a 6th song to my album. I got rared all my songs and uploaded on a file hosting site to open on my main pc and work with it later. On my main pc I tried to rename this rar to mp3 and open it, and it worked and produced a 30+ seconds song, somehow the result is some sort of megamix like song of 1-5 songs, strange