donderdag 20 december 2012

[LEMN011] - I Hate Nightclubs - Sign Nothing Without Reading It


My name is ████████████,

I am appearing under the name "I Hate Nightclubs". My album is called "Sign Nothing Without Reading It". I rolled a 3, and used the book "jPod" by Douglas Coupland to pick the song titles:

1. Slept Like a Dog
2. I Experienced a Burst of Happiness and Then Fell Asleep
3. 色情 (Pornography)

The album cover comes from a picture called "Girls skipping at an athletics carnival" circa 1900, coloured/edited on Photoshop.

The music was made by generating random breakcore-style drums, noise-based synth lines, generated noises/tones with random FX, and samples of a movie called "Hot Anal Injection".



zaterdag 1 december 2012

LEMN010 - Pemba South - Who Wrote Them

Artist: Pemba South
Title: who wrote them
Style: Noise
Book for Tracktitles: Tobias O. Meißner “Starfish Rules”
1. ...Dringe Ich In Den Nebel Ein. (1:31)
2. Ooooooohhhhhhh!!! (1:44)
3. Es Hat Mich Gefreut, Sie Kennenzulernen, Robert. (3:03)
4. Wieder Verhallen Die Kugellieder. (0:45)
5. Das Leben War So Verdammt Kurz. (6:13)
6. Gott Züchtigt, Die Er Liebt. (2:52)

Each track is based on the same soundsource. I've used different and multiple effects and didn't hear the result until my manipulations was finished.
It’s Noise…why not!

Less Ego Saves The World!

maandag 22 oktober 2012

[LEMN009] - Mr. Lee - Recognition Of The Pattern


3 tracks of dark ambient & experimental drones

tracktitles come from the book Immersion Into Noise (Joseph Nechvatal)

1. The Spectral Repetitions Of His Mental-machinic Procedures
2. Curved-space Is Approximately Euclidean Over Very Small Regions
3. An Information-loaded Nuclear Weapon Had Already Exploded, Showering Us With Bits Of Radioactive-like Informational Sound Bytes

Each track of exactly eight minutes was made with four different handcrafted soundsources, no fx added afterwards, just fading in/out of each other and some eq.
It took me about 4 hours to create this thing, making it the fastest finished album I ever made!!
By doing this I finally have a slight notion of what anatta means... to be continued!

woensdag 19 september 2012

[LEMN008] Mathurin Régnier - They Have Ever Been


I like the idea of your netlabel. It's super cool!

Here are my tracks, i made them with some left over noise and an old casio keyboard and some sound efx.
I send them with

Titles from the book The Promise by Chaim Potok

Mathurin Régnier - They Have Ever Been

1.  I Had Not Noticed It Before
2.  I Went Inside
3.  I Don't Have Anyone Left
4.  I Called Rachel
5.  I Can't Talk About It

Cheers, *****

woensdag 6 juni 2012

[LEMN007] - Emsa (Household Products) - Exposing Them to the Critic


Hello, this was ****-**** / ******* but I have shed that and am writing you as Emsa (Household Products).
I followed your "how to" and have created this album for the label.
Here's a bit about how the record was made.

The track started with a few minutes of silence then the waveform was drawn into the individual samples of that silence.
Then the time was stretched / compressed and arranged.
At times the sample rates were degraded.

here's the info:
Artist: Emsa (Household Products)
Album Title: Exposing Them to the Critic
Track Title: Halving the Rate

Great Idea, I love doing things just for the sake of doing them, thanks for facilitating this!

maandag 30 april 2012

[LEMN006] - Zacheus Chukwukaelo Obi - We Become Silent About Things That Matter


Artist: Zacheus Chukwukaelo Obi
Album: We Become Silent About Things That Matter

1. Sounds come back to thee
2. Within the grave
3. Purple in the chaliced vase
4. The fever and the spasm of the universe convulse
5. Creature, shuffling in its fitful strife
6. Your silence does not speak texts search term: silence
result: Hageman, S. Miller (Samuel Miller), 1848-1905; Silence (1877)

DAW of choice: Renoise 2.8

1 skeleton was used for all 6 tracks:
- bpm 32, lpb 1
- 1 pattern of lenght 200
- 1 pattern to fade out
- 1 note playing D-2
- 1 native distortion fx, razor 100%
- 1 vsti of choice, randomized
- 1 vst fx of choice, randomized
* song 1 Karnage & The Reductionist
* song 2 Kruud & Noisesoft
* song 3 Phazuid v4 & KKWarmDist
* song 4 Sun Ra & Waterverb
* song 5 Harsh Digital Nose & Black Box
* song 6 Cosmogirl2 & Frohmage

Instead of focusing on details and overdoing in layering sound,
this experiment thaught me to make interesting hn/hnw with minimal effort.

zondag 22 april 2012

[LEMN005] - Chertsey Cricket Club - Possession Of Inestimable Value


stuff used: random samples, synplant, sytrus and nexus on fl studio 9.
Book was some book by Ilkka Remes, don't remember which one since I have quite a lot of them. Also it was originally in finnish so I translated them into english, that's why the titles might sound grammarly wrong.

zondag 8 april 2012

[LEMN004] - The Birth Of Venus - Repulsive Matters At Table


Every track is made with my synth and low-budget recording equipment.
I made the whole album with my eyes shut
(as one of the track title's suggests, I had the idea after getting the random names).

Titles coming from the book "Tales from the top of the hill"

Enjoy the noise!

zaterdag 10 maart 2012

[LEMN003] - La Rinconada - Things That People Might Remember



All three tracks are made by new tools I haven't used previously (two audio trackers)
using as much random operations as possible.

The book where I took the titles:
Kernighan/Ritchie: The C Programming Language, Prentice-Hall.

Egolessness composing is an excellent idea, in my case it meant that I found new things
which I will use in my future compositions, in a same manner I did here, found new methods,
some of them I didn't expect to encounter at all :).

a band manager

donderdag 23 februari 2012

[LEMN002] - Terminal Frost - Man With Human Flesh



4 tracks x 4 minutes

Generated with : Flow & Replay player, software from K.H. Essl, in "random" mode.

done in about 4 hours...

titles taken from Google books, keyword "human flesh", --> Institutes of the Christian religion by J.Calvin, page 305 and next.

dinsdag 21 februari 2012

[LEMN001] - SparkFun Electronics - The Nothingness Shows Through


Four tracks of random noise created by the technique of silent composing
i.e. sound off. Only visual aids were used (osciloscopes and spectrum analyzer)
Google books search term: "Random" - "Random acts of kindness"