dinsdag 13 augustus 2013

[LEMN018] - Therma Ikarias - And Throw It Away


I made the rolls and got the artist name Therma Ikarias and the album name And throw it away.
I got 6 songs and to get the song names I got the album name and searched it on google books
I got the book The Evangelical Parallel New Testament New King James Version, New.. on some page and continued from there

the song names are
1- Lit Your
2- Quotation from genesis 2.24
3-Lit in the regeneration
4-One coin was average pay for one day's work
5-Other mss add and be baptized whith the baptism that I am baptized with
6-Poised and ready, mounted

The technic I used to make the album was that
When you rename some non audio song as mp3, sometimes you can open it on audacity.

Before we continue I will explain something, this is not the usuall open raw data from audacity, I am actually as some example, renaming a file called USUALFILE.EXE to USUALFILE.MP3 and trying to open it on audacity. it doenst need to be exe files, it can be any non music file.

I tried to make a album based on those results I got.
But while making the album I saw there are some problems with that
Sometimes audacity crash while trying to open it
Sometimes audacity auto closes (without crash message) while trying to open the file
Sometimes audacity will start to open the file but stop after some time, and the time to finish it start to increase.
Another big problem is the fact that most of the time the files produce very small songs, you can open a 100mb file to have a song with less than 1 second.

Based on those tests, I decided to make the album this way.
1-Rename some non music file as .mp3 and opened on audacity, if it had more than 30 seconds it was on the album, if not the song was not on the album.
2-Saved this song as mp3 (see later for one problem)
3-Opened doing the same I did on 1 and 2 again.

The song order on album was the order I found the 30+ seconds songs

Another problem is that sometimes when you open a file as mp3, the samplerate of the audio is a samplerate that mp3 doenst support, as I was exporting to mp3 later this would maybe be a problem, but I was lucky and none of my files got this problem.

Also song 6 is a special song, I was making this album not on my main pc and was not able to find a 6th song to my album. I got rared all my songs and uploaded on a file hosting site to open on my main pc and work with it later. On my main pc I tried to rename this rar to mp3 and open it, and it worked and produced a 30+ seconds song, somehow the result is some sort of megamix like song of 1-5 songs, strange

woensdag 24 juli 2013

[LEMN017] - Garden Of The Gods Wilderness - Man's Hat At All Times


This is the album: Man's hat at all times. from the artist: Garden of the Gods Wilderness

Song 1: Note v. 11. latter part.
Song 2: So.
Song 3: Christian or the new convert that hast just formed an aquintance with the Saviour.
Song 4: Will.

I searched the album and artist name on google book and got the book The Comprehensive Commentary on the Holy Bible: Containing the ... - Volume 3 on a specific page, I continued from there to get the song names.

The album was made like this:

There is a website called buttonbeats, this website has many virtual instruments like virtual piano, virtual drums, virtual xylophone....
You play those instruments by using the keyboard.
Some of the virtual instruments allow you to save what you type on a text field while you are typing and allow the virtual instrument to play this "text" later, allowing you even to change how fast the website will play the "song text".

To create the songs of this album, I got some random song on the comments field of the website and used some text randomizer to randomize the text and them said to website to play it while I recorded it using some sound editor.
First song is a acoustic guitar one, second one is a piano one, third one is a electric guitar one, fourth one is a drum one (drums didnt had a comment field, so I randomized the default song).

vrijdag 12 juli 2013

[LEMN016] - Snow Fence - To Contradict Other Philosophers


This album is a album by Snow Fence, the album name is: To Contradict Other Philosophers

This album has 2 songs
I got the song names by searching the word random on google books and got the words from the book random graphs, second edition

First song is: Tree of Given Sizes as Components
Second song is: It is hoped that this updated and expanded volume will provide a concise but thorough introduction to the theory of random graphs as it stands at the outset of the twenty-first century

PS: Be carefull with second song name, file names with too much charaters can have some problems on windows.

To make the song I gone to this website http://labs.dinahmoe.com/ and joined a room that had people,
started to record it and play with others, improvising (and without being able to talk with them)
when the song had 10 minutes I stopped to play and waited for the website fade out the song.
He does that and kick you out of the room if you dont play for some seconds.
I did the same thing with the second song.

zondag 23 juni 2013

[LEMN015] - Paskudy - Power To Do Its Killing


Artist: Paskudy

Title: Power To Do Its Killing

1) We're Leaving Tonight. Now.
2) Glancing Over At The Priory

1) Searched system partition for two largest files
2) Imported files into Audacity as raw data
3) Exported WAV files from Audacity
4) Played WAV files back randomised through EVPMaker (using 500 to 1000ms segments) and recorded the results in Audacity

Track duration was determined randomly (between 600 and 1200 secs), though weirdly both numbers were just over the 11 minute mark.

The track titles were taken from "The Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follett. Strange how the first phrase fits the random cover image of wartime evacuation.

I really like track one, actually, and found it a bit hard to give up. All the random elements worked together beautifully.

vrijdag 26 april 2013

[LEMN014] - Norah Beare - To Let It Come In



followed the instructions on the webpage

result :

Norah Beare - to let it come in

1. Can we be in a mood of depression and enjoy ourselves ?
2. If we have not enjoyed the last hour, we have wasted it.

believe it or not but just after finishing the tracks , when starting the upload to mediafire
my gal became ill/sick and had to be taken from our home in an ambulance :(   (true mf story)

dr's told me from what it looks like it's not a life-threatening thingy but they took her anyways
as they want to do tests + observation...she thought it was pneumonia or her heart condition but doctor assured
me that was not the case...
will get more info tomorrow when i'm allowed to visit her in the hospital as i wasn't allowed to go with her,
am welcome there in 5,5 hours from now , hope all will be good

the track titles i got from this book http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1870316.Mystic_Path_to_Cosmic_Power
pages 114 + 117

the tracks themselves are basically megamixes of some of my old unreleased (+unfinished) digital noisetracks,some recent unreleased
analog harshnoise stuffs and some databent .exe + .msi files

can't tell you how i feel letting go of this stuff , hopefully it works as a kind of exorcism

in spite of the unlucky events surrounding this work so far i must say that i really like the idea and i hope you can use it/release it
as i really put in quite a bit of work

wish you all the best



woensdag 16 januari 2013

[LEMN013] - Turnstone - Won't Change The Subject


Hello, I made an album for the Less Ego More Noise thing. I've attached the 4 song files and the release cover.
The artist name is Turnstone and the album is called "won't change the subject".

The four songs were written on a score (which can all be seen here: http://musescore.com/user/57232) using MuseScore. While scoring them, I did not listen to the notes being played-back and I do not know how to write a score without hearing the notes' playback because I am not very good with reading or writing sheet music. I had some vague idea of what I was doing, but when they were done, they sounded much different from how I was imagining them while writing them. I then learned each part and recorded it.

The song titles were taken from "Changeling" the autobiography of Mike Oldfield. The order for the tracks is:

1. There were all these jazzy chords
2. I don't think the Stones ever did record there
3. They gave up after a day and left it as it was
4. I looked almost like a puppet

Very fun idea! Thanks.

maandag 7 januari 2013

[LEMN012] - 2008 LKL Finals - Every Night Of Our Lives


Project Page: http://lessegomorenoise.blogspot.be/p/info.html

1. Random.org your rolled 1 die: 6
2. Random Wikipedia Article: Name of Band = 2008 LKL Finals
3. Random Quote: Name of Album: Every Night of our Lives
4. Random Picture flickr commons:
Album Cover:   3073105916_1228932657.jpg
5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 until satisfied: going with my first picks
6. Use Gimp to put it all together
7. Start Composing in a random but unusual way
8. Take A Random Book or Magazine: Last Phrase of every third page for the track titles: Book is : The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Book One

2008 LKL Finals
Every Night of our Lives
track 1: Scriptures of Truth
track 2: Within These Pages
track 3: Away From the Flock
track 4: The Pinda Kingdom
track 5: It is The
track 6: Total Delight In

9. Send your music and album cover to  lessegomorenoise@gmail.com
Add a little word about how the tracks came to birth, from which book
you got the titles and if you like, how it felt like to create something that soon with be out of your hands forever.
Less Ego More Noise does the rest
10. Experience detachment when your music is released.

Process imagined for creating the music.
Use LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio and then Audacity)
Use random dice roll to pick category of instrument
Use random dice roll again to pick instrument in the category
Randomly place several different size lines in the piano grid without listening to it
Every song will consist of amount of tracks determined by dice roll using only 1 instrument per track
Randomly click spots in Song Editor Grid to place tracks without listening to them extending each line by one extra item at the end
Next Audactiy: Use dice roll to determine effect category
               Use dice roll to select effect for the track

Track Notes:
Track 1. Scriptures of Truth
Dice Roll: Tracks = 6
Dice Roll: 4 = drums
Dice Roll: 6 = bassdrum_acoustic02
Dice Roll: 4 = drums
Dice Roll: 3 = bassdrum03
Dice Roll: 4 = drums
Dice Roll: 2 = bassdrum02
Dice Roll: 4 = drums
Dice Roll: 1 = bassdrum01
Dice Roll: 3 = beats
Dice Roll: 4 = break03
Dice Roll: 5 = drumsynth
Dice Roll: 6 = Farfisa (requires additional dice roll for subcategory)
Dice Roll: 1 = Fisa_Bongo
Dice Roll: 1 = Plugins 1 - 15
Dice Roll: 1 = Amplify Right or Left Channel: (randomly slid the slider bars)

Track 2. Within These Pages
Dice Roll: Tracks = 1
Dice Roll: 5 = drumsynth
Dice Roll: 5 = electro (requires additional dice roll for subcategory)
Dice Roll: 1 = Boom
Dice Roll: 5 = Plugins 61-75
Dice Roll: 5 = Random Amplitude Modulation

Track 3. Away From the Flock
Dice Roll: Tracks = 6
Dice Roll: 5 = drumsynth
Dice Roll: 3 = cr8000 (additional)
Dice Roll: 2 = Clave
Dice Roll: 2 = bassloopes
Dice Roll: 4 = tb303_01
Dice Roll: 3 = beats
Dice Roll: 2 = break01
Dice Roll: 4 = drums
Dice Roll: 2 = bassdrum02
Realize I will never hit anything past 6 on the list due to one dice
will now alternate between top and bottom of lists - may be better with
different random number generator as most of these lists have way more
than six items
Dice Roll: switching to http://www.randomnumbergenerator.com/
will base results using the best suited for each list
 Random number between 1 and 10 : = 9 = misc
 using refresh and same set: = 1 = applause
  Random number: = 8 latin
  Random number: = 3 latin_guitar02
Random Number = 4 Plugins 46 - 60
Random Number = 10 guitarix-freeverb
Midpoint: halfway through the project not liking the sounds
that are being produced this way
thinking of more ways to produce random sounds
next phase will start with some noises in LMMS
I will let the random generator chose the noise
and use the random Audacity as has been done previously
I may have to think of something do tweak the tracks when complete
because as they are I would not want to listen to them
Track 4: The Pinda Kingdom
Dice Roll 1: = 1 Track
Dice Roll 3: = breath01 (in misc)
also choosing 3rd selection in effects folder filter_sweep01
Random Number: 4 Plugins 46 - 60
Random Number: 10 Guitarix_Freeverb

Track 5: It is The
Dice Roll 4: = 4 tracks
Dice Roll 1,3,5,3
Grabbed  1 3 and 5 from effects and misc
Dice Roll: 2 = Plugins 16 - 30
Dice Roll: 3 = stereo 10 band eq

Track 6: Total Delight In
Random Audacity Only Track
Dice Roll  - 6
so let's generate that noise:
C* Lorenz
now effects:
Chose Random Amplitude Modulation
Leaving tracks as they are at this point
ready for submission

enclosing: all mp3 files
           Cover jpg
           text file notes

Entire Project recorded in one day: on Sunday Nov 25, 2012

added notes: Monday Nov 26, 7:35PM
Track 6: Total Delight In Random Audacity Track is broken
shows a single line in Audacity - no data
Returning to LMMS as like the rest of the project
Dice Roll: 3 = three Tracks
Next Dice Roll: Pre-Determining to choose from the bottom up
Dice Roll: 6 = effects
Now will do 3 dice rolls again going from bottom up to determine 3 effects
Dice Roll: 2 = warp02     Dice Roll: 1 = wind_chimes01  Dice Roll: 4 = stop01
Mind interpretation: the project would not let me break the project.
Attempting to go outside the parameters I had earlier created for each track resulting in a single line of nothing when I tried to take the easy way out for the last track. Therefore, the project broke itself somehow forcing me to compete the project the way intended.
Audacity: Dice Roll: 1 Going from bottom = Plug-ins 91 - 95
          Dice Roll: 2 Going from bottom = Vocal Remover
        This resulted in a whole lot of empty spaces now in the track so I chopped all these vast spaces of nothing out.
track is complete - project is complete
Monday Nov 26, 2012     7:57 PM