donderdag 20 december 2012

[LEMN011] - I Hate Nightclubs - Sign Nothing Without Reading It


My name is ████████████,

I am appearing under the name "I Hate Nightclubs". My album is called "Sign Nothing Without Reading It". I rolled a 3, and used the book "jPod" by Douglas Coupland to pick the song titles:

1. Slept Like a Dog
2. I Experienced a Burst of Happiness and Then Fell Asleep
3. 色情 (Pornography)

The album cover comes from a picture called "Girls skipping at an athletics carnival" circa 1900, coloured/edited on Photoshop.

The music was made by generating random breakcore-style drums, noise-based synth lines, generated noises/tones with random FX, and samples of a movie called "Hot Anal Injection".



zaterdag 1 december 2012

LEMN010 - Pemba South - Who Wrote Them

Artist: Pemba South
Title: who wrote them
Style: Noise
Book for Tracktitles: Tobias O. Meißner “Starfish Rules”
1. ...Dringe Ich In Den Nebel Ein. (1:31)
2. Ooooooohhhhhhh!!! (1:44)
3. Es Hat Mich Gefreut, Sie Kennenzulernen, Robert. (3:03)
4. Wieder Verhallen Die Kugellieder. (0:45)
5. Das Leben War So Verdammt Kurz. (6:13)
6. Gott Züchtigt, Die Er Liebt. (2:52)

Each track is based on the same soundsource. I've used different and multiple effects and didn't hear the result until my manipulations was finished.
It’s Noise…why not!

Less Ego Saves The World!