woensdag 6 juni 2012

[LEMN007] - Emsa (Household Products) - Exposing Them to the Critic


Hello, this was ****-**** / ******* but I have shed that and am writing you as Emsa (Household Products).
I followed your "how to" and have created this album for the label.
Here's a bit about how the record was made.

The track started with a few minutes of silence then the waveform was drawn into the individual samples of that silence.
Then the time was stretched / compressed and arranged.
At times the sample rates were degraded.

here's the info:
Artist: Emsa (Household Products)
Album Title: Exposing Them to the Critic
Track Title: Halving the Rate

Great Idea, I love doing things just for the sake of doing them, thanks for facilitating this!

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