donderdag 20 december 2012

[LEMN011] - I Hate Nightclubs - Sign Nothing Without Reading It


My name is ████████████,

I am appearing under the name "I Hate Nightclubs". My album is called "Sign Nothing Without Reading It". I rolled a 3, and used the book "jPod" by Douglas Coupland to pick the song titles:

1. Slept Like a Dog
2. I Experienced a Burst of Happiness and Then Fell Asleep
3. 色情 (Pornography)

The album cover comes from a picture called "Girls skipping at an athletics carnival" circa 1900, coloured/edited on Photoshop.

The music was made by generating random breakcore-style drums, noise-based synth lines, generated noises/tones with random FX, and samples of a movie called "Hot Anal Injection".



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