woensdag 24 juli 2013

[LEMN017] - Garden Of The Gods Wilderness - Man's Hat At All Times


This is the album: Man's hat at all times. from the artist: Garden of the Gods Wilderness

Song 1: Note v. 11. latter part.
Song 2: So.
Song 3: Christian or the new convert that hast just formed an aquintance with the Saviour.
Song 4: Will.

I searched the album and artist name on google book and got the book The Comprehensive Commentary on the Holy Bible: Containing the ... - Volume 3 on a specific page, I continued from there to get the song names.

The album was made like this:

There is a website called buttonbeats, this website has many virtual instruments like virtual piano, virtual drums, virtual xylophone....
You play those instruments by using the keyboard.
Some of the virtual instruments allow you to save what you type on a text field while you are typing and allow the virtual instrument to play this "text" later, allowing you even to change how fast the website will play the "song text".

To create the songs of this album, I got some random song on the comments field of the website and used some text randomizer to randomize the text and them said to website to play it while I recorded it using some sound editor.
First song is a acoustic guitar one, second one is a piano one, third one is a electric guitar one, fourth one is a drum one (drums didnt had a comment field, so I randomized the default song).

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