maandag 10 maart 2014

[LEMN020] - Lycoris - Never Practice 2 Vices at Once

Hello My Egoless Friend,
At one point in our non-existing relationship you may have called me Emsa (household products) but I am not longer myself, just Lycoris remains.

I know the mechanism of adopting a new name isn't always that easy. Legal & mental.
So it's great to see you back!
Could you tell me a bit more about the creative process and stuff?

Yes of course, I had forgotten, but there is not much to say

The music was create by writing synthesizer software where all the parameters are controlled by random number generators.  In this way "I" only influenced the music second hand.  Several different all original soft synths were used.

Thanks, every info is relevant :)
the book was Infinite Music I suppose?

I was, wow, how did you know?

google :)

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