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[LEMN012] - 2008 LKL Finals - Every Night Of Our Lives


Project Page:

1. your rolled 1 die: 6
2. Random Wikipedia Article: Name of Band = 2008 LKL Finals
3. Random Quote: Name of Album: Every Night of our Lives
4. Random Picture flickr commons:
Album Cover:   3073105916_1228932657.jpg
5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 until satisfied: going with my first picks
6. Use Gimp to put it all together
7. Start Composing in a random but unusual way
8. Take A Random Book or Magazine: Last Phrase of every third page for the track titles: Book is : The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Book One

2008 LKL Finals
Every Night of our Lives
track 1: Scriptures of Truth
track 2: Within These Pages
track 3: Away From the Flock
track 4: The Pinda Kingdom
track 5: It is The
track 6: Total Delight In

9. Send your music and album cover to
Add a little word about how the tracks came to birth, from which book
you got the titles and if you like, how it felt like to create something that soon with be out of your hands forever.
Less Ego More Noise does the rest
10. Experience detachment when your music is released.

Process imagined for creating the music.
Use LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio and then Audacity)
Use random dice roll to pick category of instrument
Use random dice roll again to pick instrument in the category
Randomly place several different size lines in the piano grid without listening to it
Every song will consist of amount of tracks determined by dice roll using only 1 instrument per track
Randomly click spots in Song Editor Grid to place tracks without listening to them extending each line by one extra item at the end
Next Audactiy: Use dice roll to determine effect category
               Use dice roll to select effect for the track

Track Notes:
Track 1. Scriptures of Truth
Dice Roll: Tracks = 6
Dice Roll: 4 = drums
Dice Roll: 6 = bassdrum_acoustic02
Dice Roll: 4 = drums
Dice Roll: 3 = bassdrum03
Dice Roll: 4 = drums
Dice Roll: 2 = bassdrum02
Dice Roll: 4 = drums
Dice Roll: 1 = bassdrum01
Dice Roll: 3 = beats
Dice Roll: 4 = break03
Dice Roll: 5 = drumsynth
Dice Roll: 6 = Farfisa (requires additional dice roll for subcategory)
Dice Roll: 1 = Fisa_Bongo
Dice Roll: 1 = Plugins 1 - 15
Dice Roll: 1 = Amplify Right or Left Channel: (randomly slid the slider bars)

Track 2. Within These Pages
Dice Roll: Tracks = 1
Dice Roll: 5 = drumsynth
Dice Roll: 5 = electro (requires additional dice roll for subcategory)
Dice Roll: 1 = Boom
Dice Roll: 5 = Plugins 61-75
Dice Roll: 5 = Random Amplitude Modulation

Track 3. Away From the Flock
Dice Roll: Tracks = 6
Dice Roll: 5 = drumsynth
Dice Roll: 3 = cr8000 (additional)
Dice Roll: 2 = Clave
Dice Roll: 2 = bassloopes
Dice Roll: 4 = tb303_01
Dice Roll: 3 = beats
Dice Roll: 2 = break01
Dice Roll: 4 = drums
Dice Roll: 2 = bassdrum02
Realize I will never hit anything past 6 on the list due to one dice
will now alternate between top and bottom of lists - may be better with
different random number generator as most of these lists have way more
than six items
Dice Roll: switching to
will base results using the best suited for each list
 Random number between 1 and 10 : = 9 = misc
 using refresh and same set: = 1 = applause
  Random number: = 8 latin
  Random number: = 3 latin_guitar02
Random Number = 4 Plugins 46 - 60
Random Number = 10 guitarix-freeverb
Midpoint: halfway through the project not liking the sounds
that are being produced this way
thinking of more ways to produce random sounds
next phase will start with some noises in LMMS
I will let the random generator chose the noise
and use the random Audacity as has been done previously
I may have to think of something do tweak the tracks when complete
because as they are I would not want to listen to them
Track 4: The Pinda Kingdom
Dice Roll 1: = 1 Track
Dice Roll 3: = breath01 (in misc)
also choosing 3rd selection in effects folder filter_sweep01
Random Number: 4 Plugins 46 - 60
Random Number: 10 Guitarix_Freeverb

Track 5: It is The
Dice Roll 4: = 4 tracks
Dice Roll 1,3,5,3
Grabbed  1 3 and 5 from effects and misc
Dice Roll: 2 = Plugins 16 - 30
Dice Roll: 3 = stereo 10 band eq

Track 6: Total Delight In
Random Audacity Only Track
Dice Roll  - 6
so let's generate that noise:
C* Lorenz
now effects:
Chose Random Amplitude Modulation
Leaving tracks as they are at this point
ready for submission

enclosing: all mp3 files
           Cover jpg
           text file notes

Entire Project recorded in one day: on Sunday Nov 25, 2012

added notes: Monday Nov 26, 7:35PM
Track 6: Total Delight In Random Audacity Track is broken
shows a single line in Audacity - no data
Returning to LMMS as like the rest of the project
Dice Roll: 3 = three Tracks
Next Dice Roll: Pre-Determining to choose from the bottom up
Dice Roll: 6 = effects
Now will do 3 dice rolls again going from bottom up to determine 3 effects
Dice Roll: 2 = warp02     Dice Roll: 1 = wind_chimes01  Dice Roll: 4 = stop01
Mind interpretation: the project would not let me break the project.
Attempting to go outside the parameters I had earlier created for each track resulting in a single line of nothing when I tried to take the easy way out for the last track. Therefore, the project broke itself somehow forcing me to compete the project the way intended.
Audacity: Dice Roll: 1 Going from bottom = Plug-ins 91 - 95
          Dice Roll: 2 Going from bottom = Vocal Remover
        This resulted in a whole lot of empty spaces now in the track so I chopped all these vast spaces of nothing out.
track is complete - project is complete
Monday Nov 26, 2012     7:57 PM

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