vrijdag 26 april 2013

[LEMN014] - Norah Beare - To Let It Come In



followed the instructions on the webpage

result :

Norah Beare - to let it come in

1. Can we be in a mood of depression and enjoy ourselves ?
2. If we have not enjoyed the last hour, we have wasted it.

believe it or not but just after finishing the tracks , when starting the upload to mediafire
my gal became ill/sick and had to be taken from our home in an ambulance :(   (true mf story)

dr's told me from what it looks like it's not a life-threatening thingy but they took her anyways
as they want to do tests + observation...she thought it was pneumonia or her heart condition but doctor assured
me that was not the case...
will get more info tomorrow when i'm allowed to visit her in the hospital as i wasn't allowed to go with her,
am welcome there in 5,5 hours from now , hope all will be good

the track titles i got from this book http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1870316.Mystic_Path_to_Cosmic_Power
pages 114 + 117

the tracks themselves are basically megamixes of some of my old unreleased (+unfinished) digital noisetracks,some recent unreleased
analog harshnoise stuffs and some databent .exe + .msi files

can't tell you how i feel letting go of this stuff , hopefully it works as a kind of exorcism

in spite of the unlucky events surrounding this work so far i must say that i really like the idea and i hope you can use it/release it
as i really put in quite a bit of work

wish you all the best



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